Mouting alcohol 120% images in linux/deamon tools like software for linux

hey everyone, first i would like to say hello as this is my first post here. now i’ve got that out ofthw ay time for some down right dirty buisness, :slight_smile: .

I’m a linux user and i have recently moved from windows. While i was working with windows i used daemon tools ALOT. Mostly for reasons i wouldn’t like to go in to right now, but my problem is this. I am an avid downloader and i need a linux tool that allows me to mount .bin and .mdf files. ISO files aren’t a major issue as linux can mount those natively. I was kinda hoping someone knew of a tool like daemon tools that i could use.

any suggestions will do as long as they are intelledgable.

Cheers in advance.

For a intelligible suggestions might have been better to post your question in a Linux Forum! :slight_smile:
But I’m on a Linux box so might be able to give you some suggestions!
Is it’s a movie bin file you are trying to mount? If so you can do it in [B]Mplayer[/B] it natively can mount bin files and you can watch the movie. Or you can use bin2iso most Linux sites will have a link to it. Another option if you know a bit about kernel hacking there is another - kernel hack, called [B]cdemu[/B]this creates a virtual cd drives, just like daemon tools. It allows you to link a bin/cue file pair to a virtual cd device, then simply use the linux mount command to mount your virtual cd and your bin file is mounted. :slight_smile:

lol, i wasn’t sure if this was a linux board or not but cheers for clarifying.

Bin2iso sounds interest i’ll check it out. The file i want to mount is need for speed most wanted. it’s 5 images with .cue files.

i have tried to compile cdemu before but it failed. you got any tips on that? The files are mdf files. can cdemu read those?

tbh honest alot of what i’m looking for is future proofing of sorts. It’s just so if i have to do something quick, like test a file for friends before it’s watched and save me some embarrasment and time

cheers for responding btw.

right i have installed Cdemu (it compiled first go this time) and a front end called (in the good old fashioned style of KDE) KCDemu. I’m also installing mplayer so i can play dvd movie images without the need to mount or burn them and i have found a linux mdf2iso converter at if anyone else wnats to take up linux on these forums these are the essential apps you’ll need. oh, and a copy of k3b which comes with every distro anyway.

Try Kiso. It works like Daemon Tools and ships with may Distros.