Mouse right-click for burn

Is there a way to add a ‘burn with Nero’ option when right clicking on, lets say, an MP3 file? (Using XP).
Thanx for any input

i’ve been wanting this for a long time - I’ve got folders of important files and I want to back them up to DVD just by right clicking to launch a program that automatically burns them - I came close to just buying CopyToDVD when I heard about it - but luckily I tried it out first…I wasn’t too impressed, plus I’d like something that does better verification

For adding Nero if you want to burn ur music/video file by right clicking on it, you need modify your operating system in a simple way.

  1. Go to My Computer
  2. Open your C drive (On which OS is installed)
  3. Click on Documents and Settings
  4. Your User name should be there…click on that
  5. There SHould be a folder SEND TO
  6. Add Nero Short cut in this SEND TO folder and bingo here you go…you can just right click on the files , select send to and Nero should appear there.

Remember that hidden files and system files should be visible coz SEND TO folder is usually hidden…