Mouse move cuses static sounds

Kypermedia 52X CD RW drive, 5.0 Nero software, P233 IBM MMX processor, 64 meg mem, 3 gig hd, win 95

When playing music on a CD, in the Kypermedia CD RW drive, I get a scratching or popping sounds when i move the mouse, whether on the net or not, at the same time, and also, teh same when on hte net, andthe computer goes to anew page, on the net.

Sort to like, anytime the processor has to work, (mouse movement or changing the web page when connected to the internet) there are popping or scratchng sounds, like an electrical short, or something.

this occcurred with both a 33.6 modem, and also when I changed to a 56k modem.

I did connect the analog 10 inch wire connector, from the CD drive to the graphics card (?) (not sure I put it in the right socket on the card) that came with the cd drive.

Could that be shorting out somehow, and should I disconnect that analog 10 inch wire connector on the CD RW Drive?

Anything else that could be causing this shorting sound, while playing music, … that occurs when I move the mouse, or when the computer changes the web page while surfing?

Could the Kypermedia drive be defective? (insalled about a month ago, used very little to date)

Coudl the main memory be resticted, and more memory is need to prevent overload of memory?

Or anything else that could couse this?

Thanks in advance, for replies.


Maybe some devices have the same IRQ assigned?

Does IRQ include Com ports?

Can this be checked, by hitting F1 upon startup, then scanning visually the devices and thier ira setting?

Does it matter which irq a device has, as long as its not the same as that of another device?

Thx for suggestions in advance.