Mouse hole in device security



I just posted the article Mouse hole in device security.

I guess you all heard about keyboard listners. For those who don’t know: these program record every character you type on your keyboard. Ideal to get some passwords .

Right now, some other way to…

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yep already knowed this what some people also dont know with the right equipment the radiation of you monitor can be readed out,and so some one can see anything of what you do and typ at disctance. This methods are calledTempest` if your dutch check ThisHere.intersting article of it.


So what? The distance is limited anyways… How can a hacker captures the keystrokes when he’s not close enough to my house? (Kick his ass already)


TEMPEST works from satellites 23,000 miles up, it has no range-limit. (vortex satellites, yes-fucking americans again!)


Forget about TEMPEST, I don’t think there’s any end-user out there can afford this or/and want this shit.