Mouse DOS Drivers please help!



I am trying to play a DOS game on my PC but I am unable to use my mouse. Can anybody please tell me where I might find a driver for this or a solution to my problem.



Install you drivers that came with the mouse or have you a cheap mouse??

otherwise look for universal drivers and install them and also optimize your autoexec.bat and or config.sys

with terms like :

so it is been taken with while your pc starts…


I’ve found that the Mitsumi mouse driver works fine as a general purpose mouse driver with most mice. It will also give you a confirmation message when it loads if it sucessfully finds a mouse. You can download it off Mitsumi’s website on their Drivers page. The file name is “”. After you unzip it and install it from a DOS prompt or a floppy disk, copy the “” that it creates to your Windows directory. Then if you’re using Windows9x, you will need to edit your dosstart.bat which is also located in your Windows directory. If it’s missing you will need to create it. Put a line in there that says “” and save the file. Now when you shut down Windows to go to MS-Dos mode you will load your mouse driver. If you prefer not to go into Windows before you play your game but instead go straight to Dos, simply type in “dosstart” at the command line. You do not want to load your dos mouse driver in your autoexec.bat.