Mouse choice

I was wondeirng what kind of mouse’s everyone uses, im looking for a good one for online gameing. Thanks for the input.

I have the Microsoft intelli mouse explorer it works perfect. It has no mouse ball. It’s the ultimate mouse for online gaming.

I have a Logitech iFeel, and it’s very smooth(Ball-Less), but from time to time the cursor go crazy (e.g. moves of 1/4 of screen once). The drivers are doing that! Damn Logitech!

Im using MS Intellimouse TrackBall Explorer… This is great… Not getting any pains in my wrist anymore with the old mouse and this is digital laser so never have to clean the inside wheels…

I got the Micosoft intellimouse explorer like [DEAM] and really it is great all the buttons and the speed you need:):slight_smile: