Mouse and Webcam LED on after Shutdown

PS2 Optical Mouse and Swann Webcam LEDs remain active after shutdown until removal of power cable from PC.

This occurred after installation of ECS Elitegroup P4M800PRO-M Motherboard and Intel Celeron 2.66GHz CPU.

Is this normal, new feature for wake-up option or fault in M/B or CPU or what?

Same deal on my Shuttle. I think it’s normal.

I too have an ECS mobo (P4S5A), and my mouse does exactly the same. I’m under the impression that it’s normal, too. :slight_smile:

… after you remove the power cable??? my mouse continues to flicker… but not when i pull out the plug

My old optical did that and ate batterys all the while but my MX 1000 Laser doesn’t :clap:

The OP said until the power cable is unplugged. :wink:

im so tired :sad:

My origional mouse did it as well with my Shuttle. It’s all good.
Just because the machine is off, the PC does still draw power.

Just turn off the AC power at the wall. In Australia that means flipping the on/off switch at the socket. In other countries apart from Oz, NZ and the UK that probably means pulling the plug.

So will a toaster,hairdryer,and anything else pluged IN.

you mean america doesnt have a switch at the socket? how crazy

especially when making toast :wink:

Nope and the little holes are not round :bigsmile: