Mouse and keyboard freeze during installation

:confused: Hey guys,

I got hold of a pentium 3 to make its as my mail server… as soon as im half way through the windows installation the mouse and keyboard freezes… could this be part of the motherboard? the model is Soltek SL-65FVB… any ideas guys?

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Are you shure that the mouse and keyboard are installed in the correct ports? Didn’t you installed the keyboard in the mouse port and vice versa. Check the connections in the back panel of you machine.

The keyboard connector goes in the pink port. The mouse in the green one.

that’s assuming they are PS/2 devices.

if they are USB devices, are you sure all of the USB ports on your computer are working correctly? and can you verify that both devices work correctly on another computer?

it would not have worked for half the install if this were the case

are you sure the whole system isn’t locking up? not just the kboard/mouse?

are the counters still going up on screen etc?

hey guys,

yeah 100% they in the right place!

nah it freezes up completely, i try press numlock also, and nothing works… Dont know if this is any help but not only during the installation its blocking keyboard, as i tried to access the BIOS and when i was checking out some settings, it froze also…

then its the system, and its hardware if its locking up in the bios, main causes

  1. heat
  2. damaged component
  3. incompatible components
  4. PSU not powerful enough
  5. dodgy cable

firstly id check all your fans are working properly and check the temps in the bios then post them here

Clear the CMOS and let it load the defaults for the MB. What OS are you trying to install? Is the CPU fan spinning, and try reseating the memeroy. Is the HD making any clicking noises and/or a high pitched whine? Could be a USB issue also. I’ve had some MB that don’t like to have the extra USB ports (in back below the vid card) plugged into them till after the OS is loaded… it goes on and on.

i set the bios to default and when i went to change the boot priority it froze… at work i have a couple of computers the same model and everything and they suffer from the same prob… you think its the main board?

can you stay in the bios long enough to see the temps of the cpu and board?

i can try

freezing :frowning: not giving me chance

well now it let me use it with no problems :S
the bios is an old one wont show me any temp

Im gonna try re install windows again… during the installation (blue screen) the keyboard works fine and i keep pressing num lock and it works

Could be bad RAM too. If you have multiple memory sticks installed, try them one at a time (in the first slot obviously) and you may find a bad one. If there’s just one, you may have to try with a replacement.

Otherwise you’ll have to strip the machine down to a bare minimum (video & keyboard will get you in the BIOS, remove all other peripherals and PCI-cards from the mainboard). Then add individual components starting with floppy or hard disk until you find which causes the problem. Re-seat all cables/connectors and try with another PSU if possible.