I need to understand about mounting downloaded files. Im not really clear what it actually means.

refers to loading a cd/dvd image [ iso, bin, cdi, img… ] into a virtual drive such as daemon tools

Thanks for that help. Just to clarify another related point when you talk about virtual drives are you refering to software applications for opening, recoding or burning these files. For example are Nero, Magic Iso and DVD Decrypter virtual drives or is Daemon tools a specific type of software?

Daemon Tools is a specific program. When you install it your system will show a new drive, which isn’t physically installed, it’s completely software based (hence the term virtual drive). This drive can be used to play DVD’s and CD’s with, just as you would with a normal optical drive. The difference is that you can mount/insert image files in this drive so your system thinks you inserted a disc and as a result you can play this disc. This a great way of playing/viewing image files without actually having to burn them. Another advantage of DTools is that it can emulate various copy-protections.

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