Mounting virtual drive?

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I have image files on my hard drive and wish to mount them to the virtual drive. I dont want to have to burn them on to cd. Apparently you can do this with alcohol 120, but im not sure how and the option appears to be blanked in the devices menu.
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When you bring up the alcohol 120 interface, on the left of the screen go to the options bar (click if necessary to expand this menu) and click on “virtual drive”. Then set the number of virtual drives to 1 and press ok. Now right-click on the newly created virtual drive, at the bottom of the screen, and choose “mount image” and browse to the image you have made.

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Right, now im really going to show my ignorance. If say, i have a cd1 and cd2 image file for a game. Can i mount them on the same drive so it wont ask me for the cd, or do i create another virtual drive, or do i have to unmount the first one when the time comes and put the new one on?
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I ususally mount cd 1, install that part of the game, then un-mount the first image and mount cd 2 on the same virtual drive (using “windows tab” on keyboard). But you certainly could try creating 2 virtual drives and putting the two images on them as it should work - though i’ve never tried it.

You can’t mount both images on the same drive; you have to un-mount the first one.

I have alcohol 120 but there is only dvd/cd image making. I need to make image of a hard disc file so I can mount it. Can any one know such software.

[QUOTE=sikki86;2255826]I have alcohol 120 but there is only dvd/cd image making. I need to make image of a hard disc file so I can mount it. Can any one know such software.[/QUOTE]

To the extend of my knowledge, images are limited to CDs and DVDs. In the case of hard drives, we refer to partitions. Partition Magic is a great and easy tool to deal in many ways with such entities (partitions). Many other applications can help you perform other manipulations in regard with the particular use you want to make of this/these partition(s).

Partition Magic is a great start. But be sure to read the help files before any partition handling since it can potentially damage quite a bit especially if the process is interrupted in certain ways (power cut, cancelations…) and to learn the lexical terms. Powerfull addition to your knowledge but still accessible.

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Alcohol cannot do this, using Google, you could try searching for Hard Drive Image Application or something to that effect.

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