Mounting PX-716A in external Plumax PM-525 case

I recently purchased a Plextor PX-716A drive. I asked Plextor Support what external cases their drive would work in; they replied that it will not, and that I should purchase their PX-716UF. Too expensive for my wallet.

In their reply, Plextor included a link to a thread on Club CD Freaks started by XClaude (PX-716A in external Bytecc case) to convince me that their drive would not work in an external case. Fortunately, I saw that XClaude did succeed with his PX-716A mounted in a Plumax PM-525 case. Since I already owned a Plumax PM-525C2 case, I decided to try it. I connected the drive to this case, and with the case still open (while I tested) I have successfully read and written both TDK CD-R and Sony DVD-R discs using the USB 2.0 interface connected to an IBM ThinkPad T41 running Windows 2000 Professional.

My question, though, is: How can I mount the PX-716A in the Plumax case? The Plextor mounting holes on the sides do not line up with the slots on the sides of the Plumax case, and the Plextor drive does not have any mounting holes on the bottom surface.

I would appreciate any help you can offer.


Works for me as well, i’ve had it running for about a month now. i forget the model number but it is a plumax with the prolific chipset and 716a 0304. I haven’t burned anything at higher then 12x because i don’t have any media capable of it. I did notice one strange thing. I can’t do quality tests of cd’s such as c1,c2, etc. Let me know if your having the same problem. Thanks

i also use my px-716a in plumax enclosure. and my plex has mounting holes at the bottom of the drive so i mounted it inside the enclosure without any problem…