Mounting New Media in WinXP

I’ve been googling for an answer to this for a while, which is how I’ve gotten here.

I have a dual boot winXP and Win98 system, but for some reason XP can only mount/read media in my Ricoh CDR and Liteon DVD if it was in the drive prior to startup.

I can burn CDR media fine on the Ricoh, and Nero (my app of choice) will even run an automated varification. But if I want to read the new CDR I have to reboot XP before it will recognise it.

Win98 doesn’t have the problem, but I prefer to use XP for burning.

Could anyone help or offer suggestions?

recognized, or able to be read from? auto-insert notification? not really sure…just guessing. right click the drive(s) and go to properties of each, see what you can find. maybe something will stick out.

Well both drives will mechanically spin up after I’ve put a new CD/DVD in whichever. But WinXP will only give me the ‘Drive empty’ message.
XP doesn’t report anything unusual about either of the drives.

Sometimes I can actually change disks and they will be read normally, but XP will always use the original disk title. This doesn’t often happen though, because mostly the disk isn’t recognised by the OS at all without a reboot.

The Microsoft search facility is so poor that I can’t find anything about it, and I’m pretty sure it’s a purely OS thing. Oh Well. :frowning: