Mounting images from DVD-RAM (InCD vs Daemon)

Hi, I have this specific problem - I have some image files (bin/cue) stored on a DVD-RAM media which has been formatted with Nero’s InCD into UDF2.0. The problem is Nero’s Imagedrive only allows you to mount iso and nrg images (I ask why? :confused: ). So I downloaded Daemon Tools to get around that problem, only to have it conflict with InCD (which however must be running in order to access the DVD-RAM).

When I have InCD running, Daemon (and yes, it’s the latest version) doesn’t even respond when I right-click the icon. It then hangs Explorer and I must shut down and manually turn off the the comp.

Anyone out there with similar experience able to tell me how to get around this, or recommend a image-mounting software I can use with my DVD-RAMs? Thanks a lot.

FYI, I have LG GSA-4120b

Alcohol 120 seems to work fine. I run InCD and Alcohol 120 with no conflicts. I have the same burner as you and just threw a bin on a InCD UDF 2.0 formatted ram disk and successfully mounted it to the Alcohol 120 image drive to test it.

Good luck

Thanks a bunch, I’ll try Alcohol then, the weekend is here anyway:)

Damn, when the image is mounted in Alcohol it locks up my system so hard I cannot even bring up the Task Manager. FYI, now I have these drivers for the alcohol virtual drive:


the same goes for the physical DVD-burner. What should I do to solve this mess?

edit> the funny thing is when the comp is restarted and windows loads, the image is there in the virtual drive for me to access, no probs it seems. WTH?

I’m not sure what’s causing the hard lock.

Heres some specifics in my case:
XP Pro sp1a
Alcohol 120 1.9.2 build 1705
InCD 4.3.03
LG 4120 is on ide 2 as master using noad firmware
All the drivers you listed and quite a few more, anydvd, clonedvd, etc.

I am not using Nero image drive, only Alcohol 120 image drive, I don’t remember any confilicts, I just didn’t need both so disabled Nero’s. Maybe there is a conflict I didn’t run into??

Good luck, I wish my weekend was here.

Well, sorry but it looks like I jumped the gun. What worked one time last night as a test is no longer working. Mounting a bin from a ram disk is locking explorer and forcing me to do a hard boot. Maybe someone else has the solution, I suppose you could just drag the image you want to mount onto your desktop or other temp partition before mounting it.

Sorry for the false hope,
Good luck again


Yeah, I could always do that. Or I’m thinking about completely ditching InCD and formatting the ramdisks to good old FAT32 and use Explorer only. But I’m not sure about two things:

1)Should I still use InCD for the FAT32 formatting?
2)If yes, should I use physical or logical format?


OK, so I did as WinXP intended, using only explorer, Fat32 and Daemon. But I still can’t mount the image from my DVD-RAM, even though I can access it alright.

Daemon just hangs in there, burner is flashing the green light quite quickly and after about 5 minutes of apparent strain, WinXP tells me it cannot recognize the disk cos it “might not be formatted or contains errors” or some similar BS. Oh well, guess I’ll just be copying images to harddisk before mounting them from now on. :frowning:

Turns out it was a corrupted image.

I also have the pxhelp20.sys driver on my physical cd-rom and on alcohol’s virtual dvd/cdrw drive. The physical won’t even read an audio cd or even register a disk being inserted. On the other hand Alcohol works like a dream for all of my image files(.nrg,.bin,.iso,or .ccd,etc,etc). I’m looking for a way to get rid of the pxhelp20.sys driver and if i have any luck, I should get my burner back and lose the pxhelp20.sys junk that is plagueing me and my burner. IR

Virtual CloneDrive does a good job for me, and its free :slight_smile:

ben :slight_smile: