Mounting F.E.A.R (The hard way)

Hey guys,
I bought F.E.A.R today… awesome game! After installation, I patched the game to 1.01 (Now SecuROM - UK DVD retail) After a little while I decided to have a go @ getting past the protection. I read off disk in A120% using DPM @ high - max speed. Mounting the image in a A120% virtual drive didn’t work. I got “Please remove disc from current CD/DVD drive and insert the original disc in another drive E:” Ok so the game is hot-wired to only run from my Lite-on/my drive E:. I ran StarForce Nightmare and disabled both of my drives using “Sc.Master Off” & “Sc.Slave Off”. Then I ran A120% and made one virtual drive. Then I changed the VD’s setting so that it was now my drive E:. Mounted the image and it worked! Its kind of a strange (and none-practical) way of doing it, but hey it works. Here is a brake-down of how to do it:

  1. Read the disk off in A120 using DPM ticked (Precision: high - max speed) and skip reading errors unticked.

  2. Once you have an image, run StarForce Nightmare and click “Sc.Master Off” THEN “Sc.Slave Off” ONE at a time. WAIT till it says StarForce Nightmare @ the top of the window before clicking the next button.

  3. Fire up A120% and make a virtual drive, once it has fully loaded right click on it and change its drive letter to the first available (Click yes to msg box). When this has taken effect, mount the image.

  4. Run the game, if all goes as planned the protection check should pass and allow the game to run.

  5. To get your drives back, unmount the image, change the drive letter back to what it was before and disable the VD. Then open StarForce Nightmare and click “Sc.Master On” THEN “Sc.Slave On” ONE at a time, again WAIT till it says StarForce Nightmare @ the top of the window before clicking the next button.

Your drives sould be back as they were. As a side note, I installed A120% in ‘Expert mode’ and I have changed the Vendor identification, Product identification (to DVD-ROM) and Product revision level.

Good luck, and feel free to post your feedback.


How do I change drive letter ?

Right click on the virtual drive.


sry m8 but i can’t rename it :frowning:

I don’t have this game but perhaps you could check the registry if there is no Drive letter E: for example,then you would be able to change it…

I just created an image with Alcohol (DPM high precision, 4X), and when I mount it in Daemon Tools I run SR7.Stop to hide the virtual drive.
Works very good :wink:


  • Whether starting FEAR from image with Virtual CD Hide or Sec7.Stop or even burned mit BW5, i always have to start the Fear.exe in a compatibility mode.
  • Have you tried to edit the ‘InstallSource’ under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall{2B653229-9854-4989-B780-D978F5F13EAB}

Having some major problems. The disc I have is a copy of FEAR and when making an image the count stops at 40% and gets a data read error.

Help appreciated! :slight_smile:


Try using an original disc rather than a copy. :wink:

-Some of dont use DT/BW (including me)]
-I have loooked @ the key you pointed me to and there is nothing there about where the disk is.


did you buy the DVD ROM or CD ROM version? will this work for the CD version, I am only having problems starting the game with the 5th CD

:iagree: Yep that worked for me. Mount, Hide and Run in windows 2000 Compatibility mode. Takes 30 Sec’s.