Mounting Discs?

Ive seen some chat about mounting discs but i havent been able to figure out what it really is or how to do it, from what i gather its making a program think the disc is in the drive so you dont have to keep swaping CDs.

You need a drive emulator software, Daemon Tools FREEWARE or Alcohol COMMERCIAL, or other, to create “virtual drives” which appear in Windows Explorer as CD/DVD drives. You then need to create an “image” of the actual CD or DVD using appropriate software. The files will have a suffix of .iso, .bin (with .cue). or one of a few other suffixes. For example, you can back up your favorite movie DVD using your favorite software, and make an image .iso image file. You right click on the file, or on the drive in Windows Explorer and choose the “mount image” option. At this point it acts just like a DVD loaded into a real drive (you can actually “rip” it again from the emulated drive, or just play it in your media player). I usually use a virtual drive to test my .iso images before burning. Cheers, gamma1

sweet, thanks much. Always wondered how to do that, it will save alot of CDs lol.