Mounting and auto install

Hi all.

I have foobtall manager .mdf and .mds files.

I have alcohol 120 to mount the image but it doesnt install. I have had the game on my computer before though the same files.

I dont know if i forgot how to do it but i mount the .mds and should it not auto - install from there?

the easiest option would be to install from the original disc

It’s pretty badly scratched and the shop wont take it back - unsurprisingly!
Is it not installing becuase it has previously been on my computer? I uninstalled it all ok. How does it now install?

Contact the publisher then. They normally exchange such discs.

are you jsut saying that it won’t AUTOinstall?

then just mount the image, open the cd folder, and start the setup file manually.

letting things and expecting things to autoinstall is asking for trouble.