Mounting an image

I set up an old Win98 machine for my Grandkids to play games on. Some of the CD’s are getting scratched so I was looking for an alternative. I was told I could “mount” the game using Daemon Tools. I installed Daemon (newest version) and it said “Platform Not Supported”. Is there another program that works on Win98 that will do the same thing? Where can I find a tutorial on how to “mount” an image? Thanks in advance!!

But ultraiso can do this too.

alc. 120 might work.

Try Clone CD I have mounted images with CloneCD on 98 SE and it worked don’t know if it will work on the older 98 but it should work on 98 SE

Thanks everyone for the help. I will try all of these. :slight_smile:

You can use MagicDisc to mount image in virtual cd under windows 98, It is free component of magiciso. you can found it on their website.