Mounting a motherboard

Hi Guys,
I’ve read that some newer motherboards have to be mounted in a different way that the older motherboards. This implicates that you can’t mount it in an older case, because the screws are in a different place. Is this true and is it a lot of trouble to drill some holes in the case yourself?

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I guess you’re talking about AT and ATX motherboards, right (there’s such a thing as BTX, but it hasn’t entered the market yet).

If so, it’s indeed kind of impossible to mount an AT motherboard in an ATX case (or the other way around). It’s not only the screws that are placed differntely, but also the different layout of the backplate and the connectors for the power supply unit.

You could make an ATX mainboard fit in an AT case, but it’d require quite some drilling, cutting, soldering etc… so that’s something I’d advice against, as new cases are available for quite low prices nowadays (here in the Netherlands, we can get cases starting at €30, PSU included…

Thanks, you saved me a lot of trouble! Is there a special brand or type you would advice me to get? I am planning to buy a Pentium 4 2,8 processor and an Asus P4P800 Deluxe mobo. I’m still not sure what kind of PSU i need.

You’ll need a P4 compliant psu—virtually all the new ones these days are. Any one from a big name power supply company will work just fine: Antec, Enermax, PC Power and Cooling, Fortron among others. Some of the lesser known psu’s are also good, like HEC and Sparkle. Here is a good thread about this over at arstechnica:

Get a minimum of 300 watts, 350w would give you more headroom for extra devices and fans.

You can take the time to drill, saw holes, put plexiglass in, but if you choose not to, you can get another case. And you use can also a dremel, and small hand tools to make different sized holes in the cas.e

cheap and functional

atcases are no… option 200 or 250 watts and no lead for p4
or you have to rebuild it with new psu and make holes etc.
(new psu cost’s almost the same as new case with psu)

Thanks for the replies. I’ll get a new case and hope that i can put all the different parts together and create a working pc :slight_smile: