Mounting a cd as a hard drive

Hi all,

I know the adaptec product allows you to mount a cdr as a hard drive so you can just drag and drop files onto it. I was wondering if there was a freeware program that provides this functionality?

I want to do backups and can get some good freeware backup apps but need this to get them working with my cdr.

I have Nero and win2000 and thought I could use ‘Scheduled Tasks’ to run a Nero file automatically but had no luck. Is this possible? (in the background would be nice).

Any help would be much appreciated.

I don’t quite understand what you mean but it could be that you need InCD. This is Ahead’s CD-RW packet software which will turn your CD-RW discs into a large floppy and you can use it as such: drag&drop files, delete files, etc.

Please ignore above post when I misunderstood you :wink:

That’s exactly what I wanted, thanks. Any freeware apps that do the same thing?

I don’t know if any freeware aps out there that can do the same but InCD is freeware if you have Nero Burning Rom installed (and registered)… Registrating Nero or InCD is no problem when you check out :wink: