Mountain effect at the end with 4x burning

I updated my 851s to CG3B and I don’t know why I get an horrible mountain at the end of scans :

They are both magnex dvd+r opto disk. The first DvD burned fine with a mountain at the end but <200 PI. I patched the firmware to enable auto bitsetting and faster reading, I didn’t check anything else. All the medias were buened @ 4x. Any ideas why I getn such high PI errors at the end ?

Try VSOB and see if it does the same. If so it could be 2 things. The firmwares write strategy is messed up or the disks have physical dye errors on the end of them. Also, I have found it takes a few burns before the drive starts burning consistently with this firmware.

if VSOB burns fine then I would then start to look at the CGXB fw. I do have issues with CMC E01 disks and this firmware simular to yours.