Mount St. Helen's is about to blow her TOP!

For those of you that do not reside in the US Mt. St. Helen’s a volcano, is about to have a major eruption. Though I doubt this will kill anyone as we have allot more warning now than last time, it will affect our global weather.

I’ve seen pictures on the news here in the UK, that was the volcano that blew itself up before?

Yes and killed 57 people. They had no warning before in 1980, people lived on the mountain then.

It’s all ready had a small burp friday, and probably might have a even bigger one next soon last I heard. I was here in 80 when it blew about 50 miles away in Gresham Oregon and I’m still in the Portland area today.

If somebody has some nice pictures, I’d like to see them. I love to see the force of mother nature… (as long as there aren’t any casualties).

Some pictures from Mount St Helen’s
As of 3/10/2004 10:50 BST

that big crater was where the mountain top was in 1980. Can you imagine living on a mountain that you did not even know was a volcano and having it explode and move that much mass and basically bury you alive with ash…wow.