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Good article. Was it just me or did this seem a little strange? He used a 700mb cd-rw disc but only got 540mb of formatted space? Isn’t that the same space one gets with DirectCD and a 650mb cd-rw ?

Thanks for the compliment :wink: With Ahead’s InCD (packet writing) we got a free useable disc space of about 580MB. This is about 30MB more than with Mt. Rainier. A 650MB CD-RW disc will have about 540MB of space with packet writing and 500MB with Mt. Rainier. We think (mind you: think) that this decrease in available space is because of Mt. Rainier’s ‘Defect Management’. See the picture on the first page for details. If so, the extra space is mostly a benefit, guaranteeing the disc will remain readable even when errors are present on the disc (scratches, smudges, etc), something that’s not possible with packet writing.

Can you erase files and folders on the fly with Mt Rainer?

Can you erase files and folders on the fly with Mt Rainer?
Yes. Like mentioned in the article, erasing is done instantly. Just as fast as you would erase a file from your hard disk.

What about plain CDR? How does that work with CD-MRW? Or will CDR still require third party apps?

The Mt. Rainier format was and is only intended for CD-RW discs, not CD-R discs…

Excellent article. I have some questions: 1: Are there any other software for Mt. Rainer (while we are waiting for native OS support)? 2: Are there any difference between different software (in speed fatures, …)? 3: How is it with Mt. Rainer in Linux? Is there any softe+ware for its support and is there any planned native Linux support for Mt. Rainer. I hope these questions are not to hard and thanks in advance for answering it.

  1. The only other software I know of is InCD. 2) Yes there are some differences like for instance; InCD CD-MRW writing doesn’t work under Windows XP. Speedwise I can say that WriteCD-MRW was a lot faster when formatting the discs. Writing to the discs took about the same time. 3) Sorry I don’t know…
  1. i plan buy lite-on LTR 32123s and it dont support this stuff. but it does support incd and directcd-need i care? 2) what is the big deal? i heard this same thing “acts like a floppy etc…” years ago when directcd was out- this seems worse than directcd ps-i dont like roxio…just replace directcd with incd if it matters to you.

I would like to dump DirectCD along with Roxio itself I favour of Nero’s InCD however I would like to know if InCD supports packet writing to CDR’s as well CD-RW’s, since DirectCD works on both. If the Mt-Rainer format doesn’t work on CDR’s then DirectCD still remains the best in my view because formatting a CDR using DirectCD is almost an instantaneous process.

hm i dont like the sound of that, how will we copy the cds if this stupid sytem develops

The above article is cool; but I do have one problem. The Yamaha CRW3200E (24x10x40) DOES support Mt. Rainer (firmware 1.0d)

I have a CRW2200E of Sep '01 mfg updated to FW 1.0e. Nero reports in Recorder Info “Mount Rainer: Supported”. Is this correct? Does Ahead InCD support CR-MRW writing?

Then strange thing is that Philips and Sony both haven’t launched their MRW-capable drives. Altough that they exist! Why? Because I was in the moutn rainier software group up till mid 2000, and we already had a workable MRW at that time. Due to Marketing decisions (or should i say incompetence) they let other smaller companies get on the market first. Write now I’ve bought a LiteOn5224, superb thing, In les than 10 minutes I had a completey written and formatted MRW disk. Now it’s waiting until Microsoft Windows and Linux support MRW natively…

Better late than never, and the thread’s still open … :d The conclusion: … we wondered what the big advantage was over normal packet writing. Well we can now say: speed. After reading the Mount Rainier specs, about the firmware error checking and mapping/replacement of defective areas … I would have guessed “reliability.” Why wasn’t this mentioned? Does Dennis think ordinary packet writing and Mount Rainier are about even in this respect? For me, with a writable/rewritable optical disc, anything that increases reliability would go to the top.
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Can you tell me where i can download Mount Rainier spes? Thanks verry much