Mount rainier->were? px-712a



every program i use says that my plex px-712a dosnt support it but plextor say it dose so are they lying? or do i have to enable it or something ?
please help!!!11 :a


Details please…

What program’s are you talking about or what are you trying to do?


programs like nero and dvd info say that its not supported to write or read mount rainier only plex tools says it supported?


The drive will support CD+MRW. The drive will not support DVD+MRW. No drive meets all the aspects of MRW so cannot claim to support MRW. AFAIK, the full DVD+MRW specs are still not at 1.0 and will not be fully supported by vendors until Microsoft releases the next OS. The drive claims to support background formatting, but that is only one of the aspects of MRW.


for mrw, defect management is the key feature which ensures reliable writing of data. unlike dvdram, rw does not check the writing on fly meaning physical defects on the media can cause loss of data.

afaik, no drive supports dvdmrw…nec 2500a was listed under dvdmrw verified/certified drives, but no firmware i know support it. yet released philips 1640 or something was also listed.

for packet writing, get lg 4120b which supports dvdram & pretty good drive imho especially with 8x media & very inexpensive less than 80usd @ newegg as a full retail package (black drive/ not sure about white one)