Mount Rainier Tutorial - some questions answered


Well I’m no expert on Mount Rainier, only got my LiteOn LTR-48125W a couple of days ago and this is my observation.

Yes it is very quick in formatting a CD-RW in the CD-MRW mode, infact only takes about 20 seconds, but there appears to me to be a few drawbacks, well, especially until Windows incorporates default Mount Rainier support into it’s Operating System, at present the latest is named Windows XP.

There may still be a few bugs in the tutorial, let me know where they are.

If you’re interested in getting the tutorial zipped up, just post and I’ll see if OC-Freak can host somewhere, hopefully not in the dunny.

Hope you enjoy.

Cheerz :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

P.S. If the Hover Buttons don’t work for you, I included some HyperLinks on the bottom of each page.

Excellent work ! Thanks !

Wouldn’t be bad if this could be placed there as a sticky thread,
since the question about Mt.Rainier tends to surface from time to time.


I didn’t think it would get pinned.

I betta go over it again to see how I can refine and make it better, I only spent a few hours on it before.

By doing it I know a little bit more about Mount Rainier, but also I am a little disappointed that Mount Rainier isn’t supported at this stage by Windows XP, you still require 3rd Party Software like InCD/EasyWriteReader from (bundled with CD-RW) or WriteCD-RW from (costing between US$49.95 to US$69.95).

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too bad ! :frowning: :bigsmile:

why use cdrw’s when cdr’s are so much cheaper and burn so much faster? I just don’t get it. Oh well. Still nice to know how to use it, especially once cdrw drives approach tolerable speeds(24x) i’ll consider trying it.
not intended as a rant/flame, only an opinion and question.

cd-rws and cd-mrws are not meant as a storage medium like cd-rs but rather as an large exchange medium.

Think about floppies (easy deleting and adding new files through the windows explorer) but this time the disks can store up to 650mb!

The goal of Mt. Rainier is to make burning and deleting files transparently without the need to open and configure any burning software. Everything is done through the windows explorer, just as if it was another HD; but of course you can remove the cd-rw out of your system and give it to a friend who in return can delete the cd-rw and burn you the newest leaked demo version of UT2k3 :slight_smile:

I really like the idea of this Mt. Rainier but it definitely takes legacy cd-mrw support in the next version of windows to get the success everyone is hopping for…

KennyC, good to see your still around mate, like your tutorial.


btw is CloneClinic gone for good?

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Originally posted by OC-Freak
[B]btw is CloneClinic gone for good?

Or will it come back? (with a better and popup free board :p) [/B]

hehehe… Or else everyone is going to have to switch to Opera :cool:

Originally posted by OC-Freak
[B]btw is CloneClinic gone for good?

Or will it come back? (with a better and popup free board :p) [/B]

Hi OC-Freak,

Now that is really, really :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: FUNNY.

I really can’t tell you whether CloneClinic will return, the ADMINS are all professional businessmen and I don’t really think we can spare the time to start AFRESH, I myself employee 120 staff.

Hehehe…the PoP-Ups and ADS never really worried me, I reckon I had 5 Pop-Up stopper programs and they all combined really well, didn’t see any. :bigsmile:

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InCD still uses UDF as far as Nero’s website seems concerned.

I think I’ll wait for native support from XP then use 3rd party apps.

So…tell me, is there truth to the rumor that the Mt Rainer spec allows some kind of writing to be done on the disc so it can burn “Pictures” or logo’s onto unused data space?

I read this somewhere recently but so far, the Mt Rainer white paper hasnt mentioned anything about this.

I know the Yamaha F1 drive has the ability to do this…but does this have any relation with Mt Rainer? Is its Disc T@2 software implemented via Mt Rainer?

I really am quite keen on the Liteon 48X writer either way…


Originally posted by OC-Freak
[B]btw is CloneClinic gone for good?

Or will it come back? (with a better and popup free board :p) [/B]

I just flashed my Verbatim 40x12x48 to a Lite-On 48125W f/w VS06. I thought this would give me Mt. Ranier, but Nero info Tool does not show this as checked. I note that VS02 shows Mt. Ranier. Presumably VS06 is a later version than VS02. Why would Lite-On remove Mt. raniew from a later version. Did something go wrong?

Just thought it might be worth mentioning that Mt. Rainier is also available if you’re using Roxio’s DirectCD.

From what I’ve learned it’s been available since v5.3.1.154. I tried formatting a 12x disc and it worked fine. Dragged and dropped about 200 megs of files to it, and they moved rather quickly. Ran a scan and everything was clean and green.

I’ve been using DirectCD since my first CD-RW, an HP 8200i, 'cuz that’s what was bundled with it. Never gave InCD a fair shot as I was leery of incompatibilities with some of my older discs.

If a CDRW Writer has Mount Rainier support, will it be able to use DiscT@2 (Disc Tattoo), or is this just a feature on that new Yamaha drive?

I have a Liteon 48125W that supports Mount Rainier.


Could you update your tutorial for the latest InCD 3.51.61? The formatting screenshots look different now, but the older versions are still used, so it would be best to have screenshots for both.

I am fairly confident in the assumption that Mt Rainer DOES NOT support any such disc “image” or discT@2 features.

You cannot (to my knowledge) write logo’s and pictures to the bottom of a disc just because Mt Rainer is implemented on the drive.

Additionally to this, I am pretty sure the Yamaha F1 actually uses a seperate IC for mapping co-ordinates to implement this disc t@2 technology…

therefore…no logos for us Liteon owners [but who cares anyway :bigsmile: …we have the best drives on the planet!]

Erm…someone correct me if I am wrong on all this…

Thanks for your reply zebra. I sometimes just get a head filled with crazy ideas, and a whole bunch of “What If…” I just thought that if my drive supported the disc t@2, I would like to know how to use it. But like you said, no logos for us Liteon owners. Oh well, nevermind.

No pics on my discs for me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone know if making a CD-MRW bootable is possible now?