Mount Rainier question

Is Mount Rainier still coming to the PX-755A? Are there any statements by Plextor about the promise to make that feature available by firmware-update?

On the PX-760 product page ( you’ll find:

[I]Compatible Formats

DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, Multi-Border, Multi-Session, DVD+VR, DVD-VR, DVD+MRW (by firmware upgrade), DRT-DM

CD-DA (CD-DA/CD+G/CD-TEXT), CD-ROM (Mode1/Mode2), CD-ROM XA (Mode2 Form1/2), Audio CD, Data CD, Photo CD, Video CD, CD-I, CD-I Ready, Mixed CD, CD-Extra, Multi-Session CD, Packet Write CD ([B]Mount Rainier by firmware upgrade[/B])), Bootable CD [/I]

There is nothing similarly mentioned on the PX-755 product page, but since they buth use the same Firmware i’d guess the 755 would profit of this too. As for a release time i dimly remember something about a release in conjunction with the release of Windows Vista.

Now it is just interesting if it will be the US or euopean release date of Vista G :flower:

DVD+MRW (by firmware upgrade) is written on the retail box of the PX-755A. This means good, doesn’t it :).

we have not seen fw for 755 in while and from what i have read on these forums many are having problems with fw past 1.02, im using 1.05 and if 1.06 would add DVD-MRW i would be pleased. But I would not bet my life on it being in 1.06 or even 1.07 I seem to recall the said mount rainier would be on 716 too and what was last fw on that drive 1.10