Mount Rainier 708A?

Just wondering-
I have a 708A and a premium drive. When I look at Nero Info tool for the Premium, the Mount Rainier is checked, however not for the 708A. All of the review articles I read Mount Rainier is checked for the 708A. Does any body know anything about this? Should I even Care? Thanks!

Hi, and welcome! :slight_smile:

It is checked here…

Try DVDinfopro from, it will also show if the drive supports mt. rainier.

Originally posted by OC-Freak
It is checked here…
Same here, using InfoTool v2.07.

Hi, I had the same problem.
MR was not checked in Nero InfoTool 2.07 and was not accessible through Nero InCD

Then I tried DVDInfoPro - thanks OC-Freak - MR was checked.

Since then Mout Rainier is accessible through InCD and checked in InfoTool.

Jiri Kvarda

Update to my previous post:
Mount Rainier is accessible trough InCD Properties. However if I try to format DVD+RW disk by means of InCD, MRW gets inaccessible and unchecked in Nero InfoTools.
So the problem is in Nero InCD

Have you tried InCD v4.0.7.2?

I have tried InCD and the problem still remains.

Erm, could it be that the drive only supports CD-MRW and does not support DVD+MRW.

I have seen screen shots of the drive NOT having DVD+MRW ticked but having CD+MRW ticked under the features list.

I hope that this gets fixed with a firmware update ASAP