Mount cue+mp3?

Does anyone know of any software that will mount a cue+mp3 file to a virtual drive? Tried Alcohol 120% and Damon tools but they don’t support the format :frowning:

What are you hoping to achieve using a virtual CD that you cannot with Foobar 2000?

Basically, I want to be able to import into iTunes as individual tracks. If I break the track down using Cue Splitter then import, I get tiny ‘glitches’ in-between the tracks. Burning to CD then importing is fine.

Well, it’s easy to import the CUE+MP3 on itunes, or rip it with any other software.

At first, i decode the mp3 to a wav file. Daemon-tools doesn’t support mp3+cue, but it’s support wav+cue.

For that i use: LameDropXPd (it’s free, so…) but you’re free to choose another one.

LameDropXPd it’s very simple, yo open the program and drag-on it the mp3 file, then, just wait…

Well, now you have a CUE, a MP3 and a WAV file. You can delete the mp3 if you don’t need it anymore.

Now the last, and easy, step. Modify the CUE file. Open it with a plane-text editor (notepad it’s ok… XD) and take a look on first lines, you have something like this:

FILE "my_file.mp3" MP3

you need to replace mp3 with wav in that way

FILE "my_file.wav" WAVE

NOTE: the first mp3->wav the second MP3->WAVE (with E)

That’s all, if everything it’s ok, you can now mount the CUE file on daemon-tools and rip-it without problems.

PD: Sorry but my english it’s not as good as I want. I hope you understand me.

Thanks! I think thats worked a treat - I didn’t know Daemon-tools supported Cue + Wav!