Mount a bw6 image in alcohol

hi people, just a single question.

is there a way to mout a blindwrite 6 image in alcohol 120%? i could not get this working.

thnx in advance.

I do believe that some versions of Blindwrite images have problems loading in the Virtual Drive. What is it an image of and how did you make it? Can you remake i using Alcohol’s native format?

Have a look at this thread

…or is the updated bw5mount.dll already used in latest version (haven’t updated, yet) ?

Actually, I don’t think Alcohol even includes the bw5mount.dll file. The reason being that while Alcohol can mount the images using that dll file, it still has problems burning them last I knew. However, if you add that dll file to the plugins\images directory, it will be able to mount them, no problem. You might have to manually add b5t and b6t to the shell context menu.

That was really nice info… but how can i add b5t and b6t to the shell context menu…

Options -> Virtual Drives -> Shell Extension

Click on “Other Extensions” and add “b5t, b6t” (minus the " ") to the list.