Motorola Razr V3 Pink accu charger specifications wanted

Hi there,

Recently i was given a Motorola Razr Pink mobile phone, unfortunately without a accu charger.

No problem, i thought, because it’s a mini-usb connection. So i took my standard 5V 1A mini-usb charger of my HTC and started charging… nothing happens… Phone won’t even power on despite connected charger.

So, i ask the forum:

Does anyone know the charging specifications of the Motorola Razr pink? More than 5V 1A? According to some old ebay item it actually is 5V, but no show of how much amps.

If it acually is 5V 1A does anyone know why the mobile phone will not turn on. Shouldn’t it be able to turn on even with (perhaps malfunctioning) accu removed?

The charger for my V3 Razr says the output is 5V at 550mA. It will also charge off USB if you have the data cable. If none of that works, then you’re looking at a dead battery or faulty phone.



Thank you. Perhaps the battery is indeed dead, but wouldn’t the phone work, connectet to a charger, without a battery?

I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think so. AFAIK mobile phones require a working battery in order to function.

Double post. Sorry.

Thanks for the input. I will not persue the issue any further, since i don’t want to invest time and/or money in it. Got plenty of old mobile phones that actually work. :slight_smile:

So the razr is destined to be a nice toy for my 14 month old daughter. :slight_smile: