Motorized doping in cycling



Wait, what?

Most people are familiar with blood doping, but how about motorized doping?

The International Cycling Union said today that it will look into the much-discussed ‘mechanical doping’ issue in a routine meeting with industry representatives next week.

UCI president Pat McQuaid told AP that he did not think riders were actually using the device, which Italian journalist Davide Cassani demonstrated during the Giro d’Italia. The mechanical assist can be hidden inside the downtube of a bicycle frame and provide an estimated 50-100 watts of power.

Crazy stuff here. Considering how strict UCI is on bike weight and other specifics, I doubt this is possible. We shall see…


If the bike is made of solid iron, why not use a big magnet on one of the cars that accompany it? :slight_smile:


The bikes are usually made of aluminium, titanium, and plastic…carbon, fibreglass and kevlar.

I think the mechanical assists would be found as the bikes have to be weighed even just to make sure they are not UNDER the limits.


Deano after a long ride(he’s also known as rubber legs)


We are not here to discuss my secret pulse-jet propulsion system I have hidden in the back of my shorts!



[QUOTE=marloyd;2523965]Deano after a long ride(he’s also known as rubber legs)[/QUOTE]

Deano has More spunk than those 2 and Better looking :p:bigsmile: