Motoracer 3

Sorry but does anyone know the protection of this game Motoracer 3???
Ive tried only with fast error skip(0,none) but when I played the game I saw a ''DEMO VERSION'' at the menu screen!!Isnt it very strange?I`m thinking to try it as illegal TOC…
Please if anyone knows something…reply.:eek:

Why don’t you use clony it tells
the protection that the cd has

This does not have an illegal TOC. Motoracer 3 probably has a copy protection known as “Tages” (or something like that). Physical characteristics of this protection can not be duplicated by CD burners.

Ive tried 3 times and the result was that I lost 3 cds!Clony says that there isnt any protection on the cd!And I know that its new version in`t compatible with Win XP.Well I think that this could be a problem for all the gamers right?I mean new protections…yes but no new methods of dealing with them…yet???Does anyone have make a copy of this game (motoracer 3)?
You can copy the cd but when you go to play a message
‘‘DEMO VERSION’’ helps you understand that your copy is…garbigge!!Anyone knows…?:confused:

I think they have a crack for this game

Why don’t you use CD-RWs instead?

that game is total piece of crap, why burning it? :smiley: