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Does anyone but me follow F1 or MotoGP? There are no US drivers in F1 because there’s none good enough, but a couple can ride bikes sometimes.
One even became world champion, maybe it was a fluke?
There is always the IRL/Champ car series we can discuss.
Talk to me.


I just worked out why there are no American drivers in Formula 1…They drive on the wrong side of the road! Scott Speed found it difficult, now I know why! And, they are used to automatic transmissions, they probably can’t work out a manual gearbox…too complex! All those gears is confusing, “which one will I choose?”


Casey blitzed the field, was never challenged at Donnington Park.


I follow Formula 1, this has been a very exciting season, with four drivers fighting for the championship and many wet races, too bad my favourite driver (Alonso) does not have a car capable of winning races.