Motocross madness image

I have just had my first attempt at backing up a game,(motocross madness2),i used clone4.1.0.1 to create an image,which is made up of an image img,an image ccd and a image sub,i then tried to use betablocker to patch the image img file,but when i try to drag the image into beta’s panel,nothing happens,i have tried to do the same with the other 2 images,in case i was trying the wrong one,but have got the same result,just a blank panel,where i assume the ing file should appear after it is dragged there,obviously i am doing something wrong,can anybody tell me what please.

i have a lite-on 24102b burner,an nec500dvd and am using winxp pro,with a athlon 2000xp,many thanks

Motocross Madness 2 uses a older version of safedisk so with your liteon there is no need for betablocker. Simply read the disk using default game profile and then burn the game. With your liteon you should have no trouble with older game.

Thanks for the advice,i think i may have made a mistake somewhere during the image reading ,as when i try to burn the image with clone it says it cant find the image,even though i use the browse function and locate the correct path for it,i will recreate the image as you suggested with the game cd option and try again,thanks.

BTW,i have tried opening the img file with various progs,but always get just a blank dialogue box,the file properties identify it as a 728mb file,so there is obviously a lot in there,i will get there eventualy,i hope:)