Motocross Madness 2 online wont work, why?

hi, i recently bought Motocross Madness 2 a real bargain @£5 from GAME on the xplosiv label.

The problem is when i try to play it online the screen turns black locks and after a couple of minutes returns back to the MSN Zone lobby saying it cant initiate the game.

Ive tried it also on GameSpy Arcade and the same thing happens there also.

I run a shared connection on my network the host machine runs WinRoute Pro 4 and uses DNS forwarding to the other machines i heard this may be the problem.

>>>HERE<<< is a Microsoft site that explains why it doesnt work it says its something to do with the fact that MM2 uses DirectX 7 ports to connect to servers and that Winroute or a firewall may be blocking the ports.

All my new games work fine Mohaa and Jedi Outcast, Star Wars GBG and the new 007 Nightfire work fine on GSA.

I downloaded a program called DXPort from >>>SITE<<<

What is does is change the ports on which DX 7 works in case a firewall is blocking certain ports.

My host machine is running Zone Alarm 3 along with Winroute but im not using WR’s built in firewall.

I still cant play a multiplayer game online, why? Please some1 give me some insight onto this problem im hoping there is a network wizard on this board that can give me a quick answer and get my game going.

I use Zone Alarm Pro 3.1.395 on the host machine and all machines use Windows 98se could that be blocking the dx7 ports how would i open the ports.