Moto Racer 3?

does the usa version of moto racer 3 use tages copy protection?

also is there any usa games that use tages?

…it is protected by tages and I don’t know of any others …but I find it interesting that there is a no-cd crack for version1 Euro of mr3

ARE U SURE moto racer 3 is protected by tages? THE USA VERSION!!! not any other country. does the usa version use safe disk v2? or do all versions use tages?

Maybe you can rent it at your local Blockbuster (or whereever you can rent pc-games) and test if the US version uses Tages…


it uses tages and when copied it plays to a point but it reads as a “demo version” (unplayable)…that’s tages for you…I rented it thinking it could be copied because maybe the US version was not protected…none of the release groups are even bothering to crack the latest updates…so the protection must be pretty tough…sort of makes me wonder if Bleemcast had the same protection or something similar