Moto Racer 3 Backup

Has anybody made a backup of Moto Racer 3 using Clone and not ended up with a demo. If so what setting do you have on Clone CD 4.

Nope. Moto Racer 3 Tages

I have read almost all the posts about motoracer 3 and tages and I am a little bit confused…bear with me here…I know that it is impossible to make a straight 1:1 (although daemon has) without getting that “demo”…hence it is not 1:1 but version 1.00 Euro had a no cd patch that worked (but not with subsequent upgrades)…maybe this seems over simplistic…but a no cd patch means the copy protection was defeated…no need for the cd in the drive (regardless of how the original was made)… and Daemon will use emulation which means you will be able to mount the image and play it…or will you end up with 1:1…quite a size difference between an “image” on your hard drive compared to a patch…am I missing something here…thanks

does tha usa version of moto racer 3 use tages?

if not does it use safe disk v2

U.S. version uses tages

…so is Aussie version. Verify that \Data\Shared\Wave.aif file (81920 bytes) is present on your MotoRacer3 disc. If it is not there then it is not Tages.