Moto Gp 3 Help!

Hey guys can someone let me know if they made a working backup of moto gp 3, ive tried everything. :sad: Even downloaded some mini images, they didnt work.Dont worry i do have the original.

What is it protected with ?

That would be SecuROM + CD checks

It’s hotwired to have the disk in the drive througout the racing part of the game.

You can back it up with BW5 using the automatic profile.
Or Alcohol 120%. See the Guide…
You can also play it from a mounted image if you first change the compatibility properties of the game binary to windows 2000 and then use Virtual CD Hide to keep D-Tools etc away from being detected by the protection. Or just burn it and use RMPS. Mini Images are of no use for this one.


Twinpeak methods are also reported to work for this one too. :slight_smile:

What about the ‘Plextor Premium and Blindwrite’ method, does that still work for SecuRom 7 ?

For me don’t work.

My backup made with plextor premium method does not work either.

Does your original work from your plextor drive? There have been a number of reports of problems in running an original of this game from a plex premium drive so there may be a hardware conflict of some type occuring.

I’m not running the game in the plextor drive. I’m trying to run it in a Liteon DVD-ROM

Hello pottz, my original moto gp3 dowsn’t work in my Plextor premium, Plextor 8/20 scsi and sometimes in the ultraplex 40tsi,it works well only in Pioneer A08. After I contacted Securom and they sent me a new exe which downgrades the protection to, instead if 005 and the game runs fine from my Plextor.

Btw the bwa files seems to show something strange in the final sectors of the cd and this fact seems to create problems to the Premium.


Please can you give me where i can ask support? I’m trying to contact THQ but your response is: change unit firmware…they are very ridicolous :frowning:
I’m also a legit user and i’m not able to play securom7 games using plex and also pioneer dvd player 106.

Update the firmware is the usual reply: ridicolous, btw I had updated it before buying the game but it doesn’t work, my Premium didn’t authenticate the cd and chokes in reading it (only with this cd)

you can go to :

and send the analysis file to the support (put the cd in the drive which doesn’t authenticate the disk), right click on motogp.exe and starts launch analysis, send it to securom support, they are very kind.