Motion Menu Problem (DVD Lab Pro)

Hey people, I have finaly decided to start using Motion Menu’s and have hit a problem, which I can’t find an answer to (The search function doesn’t always prevail :P)

In DVD Lab Pro, once you stick a video onto the menu (To create a motion menu), the images and buttons dissapear… it says in the guide, to escape this, you make the normal text colour a constant colour (with the map pallete), and not just colour it with the standard tool. Fine, that works, but I have designed images… and if you do the pallete trick to them, you don’t even see the image anymore (even if the transparency of the pallete colour is like 50%, it’s just a block of the selected colour :/).

So! Any idea on how to fix this? I gather it’s a DVD thing that images can’t remain infront of the video and sit there unvexed… so I considered using VirtualDub to “Logo Place” them on the video (I already tested, but my filter was screwing up, although it seemed to accept transparent images!), and resizing the video to 720x540 (Menu Size) at the same time, but the Virtual Dub Processing Save File didn’t remember the portions of the video that are cut out… and I frankly don’t want the hassle of cutting out 90% of an episode again.

Any easier ways within DVD Lab Pro? Or am I just gonna have to make it again? It could actually be faster this way for all I know, it’s just taking forever this time because I didn’t forsee the problem rolls eyes

Thanks for your time!

Well, never mind ¬_¬

I just realised today I can use the video I created yesterday (one without the logo overlayed, although some loss in quality).

After all my efforts to create a Menu, I have suceeded. The images are overlayed on the video, and the quality is reasonable for a motion menu. The only quabble I have now, is in the project properties it says basicaly “Menu Sizes are 720x576”… when the canvas for every menu is 720x540 ¬_¬

That is something that continues to baffle me; “Oh yeah, the TV displays the video in 4:3 ratio, but the video resolution is 720x576”… please correct me if I’m wrong, but simply the ratio doesn’t work for this!!!

Or even better example is this: 352x576, wth? Sorry, but that’s more like 3:4, which should in theory spangle on a TV screen, but it doesn’t!?

I would appreciate someone explaining that atleast ~_~ I ask this is because it’s currently squeezing the vertical size from 576 to 540, and my motion menu appears completely crud