Mother's Day

Well since I won’t be here Sunday…I hope you all have got your mom’s something for Mother’s Day…or at least give her a call…and for you mom’s who are here…Happy Mother’s Day to you…

What’s a mother’s work worth? Plenty

Moms work hard. Ask any mother you know, even your own, she’ll give you an ear full.
The “laundry” list of Mom jobs isn’t limited to laundry. It is literally bursting with tasks: cooking, cleaning, baby diapering, or if the kids are older, taxi service. The list goes on and on and on.
But until now, there was no way to quantify that work – to put a dollar value on it. Fear not. Someone has done just that … and just in time for Mother’s Day, which for all you procrastinators, arrives in exactly one week. So get Mom something nice.
THE STUDY, courtesy of the folks at, received a motherlode of attention last week. It was the talk of the morning news shows and was picked up by the wire services, meaning it was in most of the papers, too.
And, what did we learn from it? That stay-at-home moms would earn $134,121 annually if they were paid for all their work. Moms who work outside the home would earn an extra $85,876 if paid for their “second careers.”
Stay-at-home moms reported spending 91.6 hours a week caring for home, hearth and preschoolers. Working moms spent an average of 44 hours a week at their outside jobs and 49.8 hours doing a harried imitation of June Cleaver.
No report on how much Dad is helping out.
THIS ISN’T exactly news to those of us who have been laboring in the trenches. Whether one works outside the home or not, motherhood is (as they used to say about the Army) the toughest job, you’ll ever love.
In the quest to quantify a mother’s work, the study looked at similar “paid” jobs. Some of those positions included janitor, cook, housekeeper, van driver, computer operator, laundry machine operator, daycare teacher and psychologist – among others. No wonder I’m tired, although they forgot to put chief dog walker on the list. How much would that add to the total?
The curious can grab a mouse and head to to see how their daily duties stack up to the national average. You’ve can even print out a special paycheck for Mom at no cost or buy her a robotic vacuum cleaner if you’re so inclined. Perhaps selling odd-looking vacuums that suck up the dust bunnies under the bed on their own is the purpose of the mom salary calculator.
The folks aren’t the only ones attempting to capitalize on Mother’s Day. Television commercials are hawking all the standard Mom gifts – jewelry, flowers, clothes, spa treatments.
BUT THE ODDEST Mother’s Day-related message that popped into my inbox in recent days came from – a left-leaning grassroots political action group. The folks at want to organize Moms into a political force to be reckoned with. Their cause célèbre: Discrimination against mothers in the workplace.
Organizers of this nascent political movement, called MomsRising, claim that there is an undercurrent of ill will toward mothers in the workplace. They point to sob stories of single mothers turned down for jobs for that reason alone. They want laws to protect mothers’ rights and they want companies to offer family-friendly options for mothers and fathers – like flex-time, part-time work and telecommuting.
Perhaps there is a need for such legislation and no doubt, there are some companies still mired in the dark ages. But corporate culture seems to be changing on its own, as more mothers remain in the workplace – either by choice or necessity. There’s been much written nationally about highly educated women who “opt out” of the workforce after their children are born, but among my friends that seems more the exception than the rule.
Meanwhile, with a wave of Baby Boomer retirements on the horizon, most employers can’t afford to harbor antiquated attitudes toward the working moms of Generations X and Y. They’ll need us as much as we need them.
BEING A mother isn’t easy, and being a working mother is often doubly hard. That’s just the way it is. If it were easy, any man could do it.


Next week?

I thought it was tomorrow!
Holy crap!

It is tomorrow. My mother is dead (and father also) but my wifes mother is comming over for dinner and we got her a gift.

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there.

We’ve already had Mothers’ Day here in the UK…but happy Mothers’ Day to all you US Moms out there :wink:

yep, and there not getting another one… its hard enough buying a present with no money :stuck_out_tongue:

Scrooge :bigsmile:

thank f*** for that. i made a tit of mysef in tesco’s :o

My sister’s boyfriend turned 27 at midnight, mum was also present, so she got her chocolate heart (and a tiny book with tiny stories/quotes about mothers) around the same time, on mother’s day… I actually remembered in time…even before reading this thread :wink:

:clap: well weren’t you extra thoughtful this year…

Oh please…please tell us more :bigsmile:

You taught me well :wink:

I have tried…I want you to remember these things for when I am the mother of your children :wink:

i seen mothers day on here & thought i better get my mum some flowers, but i was also going to a BBQ, when i was in tesco’s i saw someone go out with some flowers which reminded me about mothers day, as i was looking at some flowers i never seen any signs say mothers day, as you do, so i asked this old couple, in front of my mates, only for the couple to say it had past a few months ago, but my mum would like some flowers anyway :o , queue my mates ripping the pi*s from me for a good part of the day :o


Forget about your mum and she will break the rest of your fingers, you be picking your nose with your toes :bigsmile:

Hahahahahaha brilliant :clap:…and totally predictable response from the old couple. :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

i’ll be giving my mum a big bunch of flowers, as she’s been doing my ironing for me :cool: and making dinner & tea :bigsmile: , while i’m off work :wink:

:o :bigsmile: i should have known, as she already got flowers earlier on in the year :doh:

Awwwwwwww. I flew to Brisbane and gave my mum lots of hugs, and ate her food, and had her wash my clothes, and went out late drinking every night. Just for old times’ sake.