CaN SoMeOnE PleAsE TeLl mE iF mY moTheRboArd CaN bE uPgrAdeD tO a P3(HiGhEsT SpEeD)
MoTher BoaRd SpeCs CaN bE FouNd
I HaVe a P2 350MhZ NeC CoMp

d00d, WhAt’S Up WiTh YoUR TypING?
Anyways, you’re better off getting a new mobo and cpu combo. Now a days they are pretty cheap. You might be better off with an Athlon cpu and mobo combination, but if you’re an intel freak, there’s options there too. Remember, don’t always go for the fastest, unless you can/wanna pay that much.

You can get something lower @ a lower clock speed and run with it, or overclock if that wets your noodle.


Overclocking is not for everyone.