Motherboards with fancy fan controllers

Hmm …

Motherboards with fan controllers …

I’m sitting here, after a 2hr operation of transferring my beasty little x2-3800 from an unoverclockable Gigabyte 8KN Pro Sli to a new Asus A8R32-MVP … and have just left alot of the bios settings as per the manufacturers recommendations …

One of these is the CPU/System/etc fan controller.

Only actually having a single 120mm fan (the rear system fan) being controlled from the Mobo (the rest are from a fan controller) … I’ve just realised why I’ve always disabled automatic speed.

As I sit here, the turbulence and vibrations (and hence noise) caused by the 120mm fan revving up, and revving down constantly, I find is sooo much more annoying than the faint hum of constant airflow, which eventually gets screened out, an amazing ability that humans seem to have, to ignore something that is right in front of them.

So, I guess the question is … Are your computers’ fans on automatic speed? Or are they just running at maximum? Or worse, they aren’t running at all :stuck_out_tongue:

Debro…try one of those new-fangled water-cooling thingames… Might mean you can ditch the super fan in preference to a standard unit.

I actually gave up on case fans a while back and started leaving the side of the case open and using a high speed floor fan pointed directly at the guts of the computer. Even on low it blows away any configuration of case fans I’ve tried. During the winter months I don’t use the floor fan and just leave the side of the case open.

The only places where I use fans are on the CPU heatsink, on the video card, on the hard drives and, of course, in the PSU. The PSU and CPU fans are variable but I never hear them spin up or down.

everything its runnin’ wide open on mine :bigsmile: the only one that really makes noise is the 120mm cpu fan @ 2000 rpm (its not too bad), I had it on a fan controller for a while, but I’d rather have a cool cpu than a quiet room :iagree:

actually, I can hear the video card and SB fans over teh cpu fan (damn 40mm fans doing 9484854151548794852156 rpm :doh: )

Lol, with the case on, all my fans are quiet.

It just when the mobo adjusts the speed … Vrooom … slow down … vrooom … slow down … vrooom! The whole case shudders when that beast changes speed.

I’m glad the 120mm over the CPU is an unocntrolled fan :stuck_out_tongue: Otherwise the mobo’s fan controller would cause so much torque, it’d rip the cooler right out of the motherboard :stuck_out_tongue:

:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Get ready for this… 4x80mm thermal controlled fans. Thats the stock setup of my case. Gets better, I have Intels stock hsf coupled with Q-fan. And… Asus 7950GT with ridicilous 35mm fan. Yes. Very tiny. Of course on thermal control. At full speed it blows my sheep away. With noise that is. CFM is abysmal.