I am building a new system and am considering a “DFI NFII ULTRA INFINITY” or the “DFI LANPARTY NFII ULTRA B” motherboard. I will probably use an AMD 2800 CPU, 512mb PC2700 ram, 100gb hard drive and LDW 851s DVDRW.

Has anyone used either of these boards?



i have heard that the lan one is actually quite good , but i havnt tried it myself . perhaps some other member would lkie to comment on this . if you have a bugdet then so be it , check out also the abit boards


I didn’t use any of these boards and I haven’t read any reviews either, but I kinda except that they perform about the same. In most cases, it all comes down to the features of the boards.


I’ve heard many bad things about DFI boards. I recall seeing some DFI mobo tests: they were awfull.


DFI boards have improved A LOT; right now they are one of the most featured boards with the best overclocking potential.

Go with the LANParty Board.