I am looking for a board that has an AM2 socket onboard DVI and onboard1394 for $70 or $80 dollars. Any suggestions???

Thanks Brian…

Where are you located? Just so we know what online retailers to recommend.

I just found what I could on Newegg. If they do not ship to your location, then at least you have the make and models. I do not have any experience with AM2 mobos so I am just listing what I am finding. Not necessarily recommending them.

[B]ASRock ALiveNF7G-HDready[/B] ~ $83 + shipping:
a big plus on this board is that according to newegg, it is compatible with the new AMD quad core CPUs.

[B]ASUS M2NPV-VM[/B] ~ $89 + shipping:

[B]ASUS M2NBP-VM CSM[/B] ~ $77 + shipping:

[B]GIGABYTE GA-MA69GM-S2H[/B] ~ $75 + shipping:

and ALOT of other boards here. Some have and many don’t have DVI outputs, sorry I couldn’t exclude them from the search.

My suggestion:

Forget the requirement for onboard 1394. Most boards will have an inferior controller (Via). Spend the money for decent add in card and safe yourself some future frustration.

Tacoma, Washington…

Then I guess the same without firewire…

not sure if some of those mobos will come with SoundBlaster on board, but the Socket939 mobo i bought a few years ago came with onboard 5.1 by Creative. Has done well for me for almost 3 years.

Go for a 690G board

ASUS M2A-VM HDMI AM2 AMD 690G HDMI uATX AMD Motherboard $75, has firewire.

List of 690G boards: Link

What is a good firewire controller??

[QUOTE=airphotog;1964693]What is a good firewire controller??[/QUOTE]

Texas Instrument Firewire 800 === Good for External HDD, but eSATA is even better

Why do you need firewire?? Even the Mac Camp goes with USB unless you have old Mac Gears that you want to connect to your PC

Biostar is also a decent motherboard for integrated budget motherboard

I need it for my Sony VX-2000 camcorder…

[QUOTE=airphotog;1964693]What is a good firewire controller??[/QUOTE]

If you can find a TI chipset, they are the best. I’ve also had good luck with Agere (Lucent) chips but horrible luck with Via.

I ended up ordering this board. I hope it is a good one???
The firewire is IEEE 1394a TI 1394 controller supports 2 x 1394a ports

[QUOTE=airphotog;1965098]I need it for my Sony VX-2000 camcorder…[/QUOTE]

NEED another one? LOL

Another what???

This is what I ordered so far… Any comments???

How about this for the ram?

Also, I am a strong believer and going with a “name” power supply.

Nice board. What cpu will you be using?

Have not decided which cpu yet. The best I can afford when I decide to order it…

[QUOTE=airphotog;1965435]Another what???[/QUOTE]


I would’ve recommended this MSI since I recently picked one up for my sister’s family. Though it has an on-board AMD/ATI 1250 express chipset, but it does the basic job well for their needs. They don’t really need a standalone GFX card for Webkinz. :stuck_out_tongue: The only quirk I’ve found was that it needs DDR2 with SPP information, otherwise, it will always show up with a message during POST complaining of not using them, like the OCZ Platinum and Crucial Ballistix I had tried. Eventually, got a pair of Corsair that worked fine.

Hmmmmmm, you orginally asked for $70 to $80 board but spent $130 for the motherboard?? Now I know you are very flexible, why not get Crucial Ballistix RAM instead of those Geil sticks. And get Coolermaster case, cheaper and as good looking as the sigma. BTW, dont forget to take a look into MSI and Biostar board. MSI makes the best NVIDIA chipset motherboard for AMD processor and Biostar is the best budget board you can get. Go for Asus board if you are using Intel Processor. Since you are going AMD route, go for MSI for highend and Biostar or Asrock for lowend