Motherboard won't start memory test. Help

I was switching out a case on my brother old computer. 600MHz AMD Athlon with a Asus motherboard.

I moved everything to the new case but it won’t boot now. It was working well before I moved it to the new case.

When I boot the computer, it stops on the memory test. As in it doesn’t even start the memory test.

It saids “memory” as in memory test but doesn’t do anything.

At the bottom of the screen it saids press del for setup or esc to skip memory test. but pressing the del or esc keys does nothing. It won’t go any further than that.

I’m kinda lost now. Anybody have any solutions? Any help is appreciated.

If it will let you go into the bios (hit del), try restoring bios settings to default (on a computer that old, the motherboard battery may be weak or dead and it lost settings). If not, try removing and reseating the memory and or cpu. There should also be a jumper on the motherboard to reset the bios, try that (in fact that might be something to try first). Its usally located near the battery.

A shot in the dark, but similar problem here, same message except I didn’t get there the same way , I tried to add 1Gb of memory to my old P4’s 512Mb that was in DIMM3. Didn’t POST when I put the 1Gb in DIMM2, so took everything out, 1Gb wouldn’t boot anywhere, so I put back the 512Mb and now it hangs on memory…

I tried the BIOS reset trick, no go.

Would you guys say the RAM is toast or the MB ?

Can you get into the BIOS and is it stable while there?
To test memory:
simply download the .iso file with another computer and burn to disk.

What is the make/model of your mobo and the new RAM stick?

Thanks, actually I bit the bullet and took the darn thing completely apart (built 10/2002 !), and guess what it now POSTS, with the full 512+1GB of RAM, just need to put everything back together now. Have to wonder what the problem was though…