Motherboard/Video Card question



I just purchased this Motherboard
DFI Lanpary UT

With this processor
AMD 3700+

And I am curious, will using an ATI video card conflict w/ the nforce 3 chipset on this board?

Can some one please let me know?

Thanks for your help

Normally I wouldn’t ask, but I have yet to see anyone mix an ATI card with Nvidia chipsets.


It shouldn’t. I ran a Radeon 9700 with NForce2 no problem and would have on my NForce3 board if I didn’t pick up a deal. There are plenty of people using ATI cards on NForce2/3/4 chipset mainboards without issue.


Thanks… I appreciate your assistance.


Infact, there have been more complaints about compatibility with the latest nvidia video cards and the nforce3 ultra chipset than the ATI offerings…strange world isn’t it! :wink:


ATI Radeon 9800 pro & nforce2 running with no problems…! :bigsmile: