Motherboard upgrade?

I am considering getting a new motherboard and processor. I have read in other threads that I am going to want a board with a cip set based on silicon image chipset or an ITE chipset.

From the sites I have been looking at, tiggerdirect and newegg I don’t see motherboards based on ilicon image chipset or an ITE chipset? Am I just not looking in the right place?

could someone suggest a good combo? or what would be the best board for burning dvd’s?

I was thinking about 2Ghz ether AMD or P4


cip? sorry i guess i’m not up to snuff on the lingo… Are you reffering to the SATA controller? Most of the Nforce4 Ultra’s and SLI (AMD) are using the 3114, MSI uses the 3112 (which is pci-e and sata 2.5)

I’m not sure exactly what Intel boards use the Sil chips, but there are plenty Nforce boards that do for intel and amd.

If you would like to define CIP, i could probally help more.

If you are looking at Intel I can’t really help you much. I have an AMD processor and motherboard that I have been very happy with. I bought everything from newegg.

The mother board is an Abit AN8-SLI motherboard which is a socket 939 board that will support most of the Athlon 64 series parts including the dual core. The board has four SATA2 interfaces, standard dual IDE ATA133 controllers, Gigabit ethernet, 2 firewire 800Mbps ports and 7 USB 2.0 ports. The sound card is built onto the board. The motherboard also came with a SATA RAID driver that supports the four SATA ports onboard. This board is using the single chip Nvidia4-SLI chipset. There are two X16 PCI Express slots that support SLI type video cards.

Abit motherboard

So far I am pretty happy with the setup (see my signature).

What is the primary use? Are you looking for a game machine? Others here could give you more advice regarding games and if the AMD or Intel parts are better.

I setup my machine primarly as a general home PC and burning DVD’s. I would highly recomend dumping the IDE interface for your hard drives and use only SATA type drives. I am getting about 100MB/Second transfer from my SATA drives.

I’ve never heard of a Silicon Image or ITE chipset. Major chipset manufacturers are usually Intel, nVidia, VIA, SIS, or ULI.

AMD processors and nVidia chipset boards are pretty favored among enthusiasts, any system you buy will be capable of burning DVDs.

This is the exact MB that i’d get for the same reasons. The next generation of processors are dual-core and i’d get a MB that supports that so when you want to upgrade you don’t have to buy a new MB. If you’re a gamer AMD is the way to go.

Silicon Image makes the SATA storage controller on a lot of AMD motherboards.

Go AMD, you will be happy :slight_smile:

-maybe that should be their new slogan