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Have just setup new computer with MSI Motherboard 945GCM478-L MS-7536 .The Liteon DVD Burner I install LH-20A1P is meant to run a UDMA 4.
But only shows in the Bios and Windows as UDMA2.I know that the speed of the Burner cab only reach 16x to 20x and the hardware Board Manufacturer says that UDMA2 is all thats needed.the 80pin Cable is connected properly it is obvious the Bios does not see DVD Drives as ata 66
.The Burner works but Spin down and Up times are very harsh.Please give me some input on the problem is it OK to run at UDMA2 the burner works better in the other Computer which see’s it as UDMA4.
Thanks Lowgra



make sure, your DMA/UDMA settings in BIOS are adjusted to “Auto”. If this doesn’t help, you might try another cable.
Since (80wired) UDMA66 cables are color coded, make sure, the blue connector is plugged into the mainboard. If your burner is the only drive on the cable, the drive’s jumper should be set to “Master” and plugged into the (black) end connector of the IDE cable.



Thanks Michael
Thats all check and everything you suggest was already done only leaving the Bios not recognising a Dvd Burner been UDMA 4 Only one Drive as masters correct cable blue end to mainboard set Master changed cable set to auto in bios.What are the problem running at UDma 2 ?


Are you using 80 wire IDE cable? I saw a post where somebody was getting UDMA 2 with 40 wire IDE cable, but newer drives requires 80 wire IDE cable to function correctly.


yes I am using an 80 pin cable must be a bios problem?
Thanks for your input


For some reason the Bios does not see the LH-20A1P in not recognised as UDMA 4 But a Pioneer 115 drive is ?