Motherboard / System Monitor (5VSB) Question

Hi guys,

Need some advice with the below

Im running a P4 2.66, 512MB, the below screenshot shows my system monitor, what id like to know is what is the “5VSB” display and why is it in red. My motherboard (biostar U8668G) has various jumper settings for 5V_SB but im very reluctant to change them as I know nothing of what they do…anyone have any ideas,

5VSB isn’t in red, but -5V is.

5VSB = 5V Stand-By voltage, there’s always power on this line even if the PC is turned off (Unless you unplug the power cord), it’s used to power on the PC.

I wouldn’t worry about the -5V line (Shown in red) as it’s only used for ISA slots (Pin B5)…and I really doubt your MOBO has an ISA slot;)
Same goes for the -12V line as it’s rarely used on serial ports.