Motherboard switch on power cord



im looking for the series of card that we hook up from the comps power switch to the mobo, and then are connected to the ide led, the speakers and thepower led pin connectors on my mother board, i just switch the mobo in my compaq case to a hp, and i think im not getting no power dure the slots and connectots not being in the right place, even if im wrong, can someone please point me in the right direction to what i want.


are you talking about the power button and the LED’s that plug into the motherboard?, all you need to do to start an ATX system is to short the power switch connectors on the board (when testing newly built systems i just use a screwdriver to short the connectors however i wouldnt recommend it to somebody new to computers), on the older AT systems the button is simply connected to the supply itself.


yes i am talking about the led power connectors, i dont want to jump them like what your talking about, i know how to do it, but i would only do it on my computer, im fixing this comp for someone, so if i can find the little cords seperately to replace the ones that are there, i would gladly replace :bow:


the connectors are on the case itself, you will need to look at the boards manual to see exactly where each connector goes


i can see clearly where they go, its a compaq case, and i just switched the mobo to a hp mobo, but the connectors are moved around, and the one from the case are all joined together in one solid block, so im looking to buy another series of cords to hoook up, to put each ind pin on its ind connector…hola back…if you know where i can find them


the only problem i can see trying to use different wires is that the button on the front of the case will be unusable unless you can find wires that have the exact same ends (to hook up to the back of the button) which i doubt you will find and if you do will probably cost as much as a cheap generic case, can you not cut them out of the block into seperate connectors?


if i could find something close to it, ill probably mod the case up to suit it…can u point me to one