Motherboard Replacements and Windows OEM EULAs

Vi$ta users will like this here.

As they say … the Motherboard is the heart of the PC … when the heart changes, it’s a new PC, and it requires a new license.

That’s been the case for WinXP also … Just that activation wasn’t as intense when it first came out.

It will be less of a problem, as Hardware catches up to & exceeds the requirements of Vista, as people won’t be installing Vista & going “Oh crap, it’s slower than a slug overdosed on valium”.

If end-users have a problem with the EULA & the implementation of the enforcement, use a NON-OEM version of Vista, WinXP … or better yet … learn to use linux … it’s free & you have nothing to lose.

If the CPU is the brain, then surely the power supply is the heart :slight_smile:

Edit: Whatever about the anatomy of a PC, I agree with your comments
about Linux. I often wonder why anybody would want to run anything

I’d suggest that the PSU is the Stomach … or perhaps the small intestine.

Man, I’ve never agreed with OEM licencing, PERIOD! If I buy something, I own the damed thing and it belongs to me, not a #@$%*&$ inanimate object. This is just one of meny examples of how those that have the money make all the rules. I own a RETAIL copy of XP. [B][I][U]I[/U][/I][/B][I][U] own it. I can put it on any damned machine I want, provided it’s only on one machine, as it should be.

I think it’s really sad that it would make sence to ANY hard working lower, middle or even upper-middleclass family that they should have to pay for something twice to use it once. If only one instance of the software is in use, we should have every right to continue using it if we’ve paid the full price to do so.

Don’t get brainwashed by this damned OEM licencing rhetoric. If you’re willing to buy it, you should be able to BUY IT.


If more people would just say no to OEM and demand that the company they are buying from gives them a full copy of the software then microsoft would have to change